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Six letter domain name or five letter domains name is one of primary element of a online website people come in to contact with when visiting your 5 / 6 letter domains. When your five domains shows up on Search Engine Result Pages or as a link on another domain, the six domain name provides people some level of information as to what your site is about,or at least it should.

5 letter domain names is very important

When you advertise your five letter domain via news print, brochures, sales copy or other printed material your short domain name is a prominent component of the material and should be descriptive of your subject.

If your 5 letter domain name is irrelevant or misleading, you will quickly alienate your customers. Another way to sour a potential customers is to have a long or difficult to remember domain name. A successful six letter domain name will be easy to spell, easy to remember, relevant, short as possible and if possible one of your main SEO keywords or key phrases.

Choose five / six letter domain names

Before you develop six letter domain into website it’s imperative that you find a short domain name or website name that’s appropriate for your business. Sometimes this is done with relative ease, and other times it can be quite difficult.

You see the internet now contains billions of websites and each one of those websites have a good domain name. Chances are that perfect website name you’ve been dreaming of is already taken.

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If you find that the 5 letter domain name you would like to have for your site is already taken don’t get too discouraged. Fortunately there are other possible 6 letter names that are just as good. Make a list of relevant words that are either descriptive of your business name or product/service. Play around with combinations of these words.

Recommend five / six letter domains

For example is a 6 letter domains of relevant decentralized finance relating to a decentralized company. Putting these words together make for a six letter good domain name that meet the criteria mentioned above. Avoid add little trick is to add a dash (-) between words, this sometimes can get you the domain you want but confuse your customers

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You should keep in mind that even if the six letter domain name you want is already taken, it still may become available by purchasing it from the owner via our marketplace. Many 6 letter domain names are owned by entrepreneurs that seek buyers. You can buy one of them to own six letter domain name instantly

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Of course buying a 5 and 6 letter domains as opposed to creating and registering one will cost you more but it may very well be worth the extra expense.

6 letter domains based your mission

You can use a word or phrase as a six letter domain names. When thinking of a 6 letter domain name, think of catchy words or brandable that are easy to remember and that will bring more traffic to your website.

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Try to use a six letter domain name that is relevant to your onine website. If your web site is a business site, it is a good idea to use the companies name as the 6 letter domains or if your site is a personal site try to think of a six letter domain name that is related to the topic of your web site.

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People often miss the importance of having their own unique 6 letter domain name for their web sites. A five letter domain name represents you, your company and your online presence; as does a ‘business card’. If you don’t have your own 6 or 5 letter domain name you won’t be able to promote your own online identity and web site on the World Wide Web.

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